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Neuroscience research proves that pain resides in the brain. When pain is persistent and continues beyond a 6 month period after an injury has occurred then we need to look at what is happening in the brain.

So how do you change pain?

Typically six months after an injury our tissues have healed. Yet persistent or recurring pain beyond this point is very common.

Ron Melzack developed the Neuromatrix theory and coined the word neurosignature. When our brain develops a pain neurosignature, a mass of neural networks in the brain that create a pain output, that neurosignature divides into two pathways. One that produces the perception of pain and one that produces a corresponding motor response.

The good news is that we can change the neurosignatures that perpetuate our pain because the brain is plastic. It is constantly learning and adapting based on our inputs therefore what can be learned can be unlearned.

We can use the brains plasticity to our advantage by simply giving it new inputs that correspond with motor control. Neurons that fire together can wire together to create new functional neurosignatures.

When we apply an active, self-driven approach to re-educating our brains we can change our pain.

Seeking treatment that happens to us, is ineffective in addressing persistent pain, as it does not require us to be “active in the process”.

Our methodology teaches pain sufferers how to:
  • re-organize the neurosignatures in their brain that perpetuate pain

  • soothe the central nervous system to facilitate lasting change

  • maintain their new found freedom by building core stability & strength

The way to healing is conscious dedicated retraining and relearning involving our Somatic Nervous System and brain. We teach you how to use the cortex of the brain, to pay attention, sense and feel, and compare and contrast sensation after providing a stimulus to the body.

The results are astounding and participants Participants typically experience a 50 to 90% reduction in their pain over 6 weeks when they commit to the Resolve Pain Guru Methodology.

Wanna learn how to retrain your brain and change your pain? We invite you to check out our Video on Demand Channel and start learning firsthand.

Know someone that has chronic pain or tension? Share this blog post with them and let them know that they there is help for them and a way for them to get back to feeling strong and vibrant.


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