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Shifting out of the “Fix Me” Mindset

When it comes to your health and well-being what are your beliefs around health and healing?

Are you waiting for someone to “fix you”?

Do you believe that the resources for healing are outside yourself?

Do you feel that others know more about your body than you do?

Have you fallen victim to a diagnosis that has left you feeling helpless and disempowered?

We understand how this can happen. And we understand how the things that we read or hear, take our minds down rabbit holes of worry and disempowerment.

We are here to support you to change that thinking. We are here to teach you how to reconnect with the innate wisdom of your body to support a rebalancing of your nervous system and body-mind.

We are powerful beings and dis-ease happens when we disconnect from ourselves and our bodies’ intelligence, and shift the responsibility for healing to things outside ourselves.

We are here to teach you how to get quiet and to listen to the messages of your body. We want to teach you how your body is a reflection of your habits and patterns. When these habits and patterns become unconscious they show up as tension and pain. Often the habits and patterns served us for a time, but have since become obsolete.

When it comes to addressing tension and pain in the body, the first step is to step back into the driver’s seat, taking back responsibility. We also say step back into being the “guru” and master of your own healing process.

This means actively participating in the process.

This means believing in wholeness and potential.

This means loving your body.

This also means working to bring consciousness to the beliefs that govern you, particularly the ones that are silently sabotaging balance and ease.

In the Method we teach you will learn how to actively engage with your brain and nervous system to change old patterning.

What are your beliefs about your body?

What are your beliefs around healing?

Are you participating in your own process, or are you simply lying on a table hoping that someone will fix you?

If you have suffered a Motor Vehicle Accident, are healing from a concussion, have unaddressed trauma, emotional loss, had a major surgery or have experienced unrelenting stress in your life, then start learning from us! Let us support you to shift out of the “Fix Me” Mindset into empowered action & proven practices that will bring more ease and joy into your life.

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