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This is what our amazing clients have to say...


This weekend has changed my life. A million times thank you. You two are a gift to chronic pain sufferers. Kerry K, Yoga Teacher Ottawa, Oct 2023


I came to this training to learn how I can help myself manage pain. I learned so much more. I now have an understanding of how my body is working, how it is responding to other aspects of my life, and how to explore, calm and ease my nervous system to allow growth, kindness and fluidity into my life.
March G, Ottawa, Oct 2023


I was interested in this training as a way to release stored trauma in the body. Carrie and Nicole through guided practices showed me how easily pain and discomfort can be released. I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my practice.
Francesca Ranger, Ottawa, Canada, Oct 2023

Release energetic blocks & pain!

Discover 10 Powerful Truths about somatic healing and pain so you can find more ease, peace and joy in your life!

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