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SomaYoga Foundations 
20 Hour Continuing Education
October 18-20, 2024 I Mountain Goat Yoga, Nepean, Ontario

For Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Movement Teachers. Body Workers, Allied Health Practitioners or anyone that has an interest in releasing persistent tension or pain patterns using somatics and somayoga.

Take your home or professional practice to the next level by adding a somatic dimension.


SomaYoga Foundations is a 20 hour training for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Movement Teachers. Body Workers, Allied Health Practitioners or anyone that has an interest in learning new tools to become the Master of their health & healing. This training will introduce you to the study of neuroscience and Somayoga methodology - to release long held tension & pain patterns so you can live a more embodied life.

Does this sound like you?

So you’ve been practicing as a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Movement Teacher, or Body Worker, for some time now, or maybe you are an Allied Health Practitioner (Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor). You are great at what you do and have a serious passion for supporting clients to feel ease in their bodies and their minds.


But...something’s missing.


You feel you could be doing more to help your clients truly move on from chronic and persistent pain, AND
ou have an inkling there are some new techniques that could help you take your practice even further and ultimately get even better outcomes for your clients.


Then you are in the right place.


This 20 hour training will introduce you to a 'new way of thinking' and a 'new methodology' to address chronic tension and pain.

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SomaYoga Foundations will teach you how to retrain the brain and reset the nervous system to release energetic blocks and pain for your clients. 


SomaYoga is a synergy of somatics, therapeutic yoga and classic asana that helps us work towards smarter muscles, more functional movement and lasting pain resolution. This approach blends neuroscience, philosophy and core practices of Somatics to revolutionize your approach to physical practice and teaching.


This course will introduce you to the concepts and practices you need to start integrating this methodology into your own personal practice, into your classes or therapeutic sessions.

Testimonials from the last training...

This weekend has changed my life. A million times thank you. You two are a gift to chronic pain sufferers.
Kerry K, Yoga Teacher Ottawa, Oct 2023


I came to this training to learn how I can help myself manage pain. I learned so much more. I now have an understanding of how my body is working, how it is responding to other aspects of my life, and how to explore, calm and ease my nervous system to allow growth, kindness and fluidity into my life.
March G, Ottawa, Oct 2023


I was interested in this training as a way to release stored trauma in the body. Carrie and Nicole through guided practices showed me how easily pain and discomfort can be released. I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my practice.
Francesca Ranger, Ottawa, Canada, Oct 2023


I have taken a few trainings in Trauma Informed/Sensitive Yoga and I wish that Somatics was incorporated…specifically THIS very digestive, personal, and informative training.

Anonymous, Ottawa 2023


Carrie & Nicole created an environment that allowed safe and empowering learning to take place. Not only did I feel it in my physical body in the offerings of movements, BUT I was truly able to safely absorb the course content.
Anonymous, Ottawa Oct 2023


I have spent lots of time and money…to try and ease my pain and improve my mobility. The things I learned in this workshop have opened my mind to other possibilities and to the possibility that I can help myself. By helping myself get unstuck, I will then be able to reap the benefits of other modalities, exercise and enjoy a life of freedom. 
Anonymous, Ottawa Oct 20203


I only have good things to say, Nicole & Carrie are so fantastic. They are knowledgeable, empathetic, supportive, and kind. The workshop was informative, emotionally moving, and incredibly interesting. I would do this over & over again.
Anonnymous, Ottawa Oct 2023


New learning, confirmation and connections abound in an environment initiated by Nicole & Carrie. This course if a life changer, reminding us of our innate wisdom, divine right to be on this beautiful planet, and lead with a heart full of love. We all deserve to live and love a life pain free.
Andrea E, Georgetown, Ontario Oct 2023


I came to the training with tension & pain in my body. After learning these very subtle, small but profound movements, I was able to release many things. Allowing openness and lightness into my body. As a result there was a positive change in me. I hope this change in me filters out of me and flows into the world. Change starts with one.

Anonymous, Ottawa 2023


I have been a chronic pain sufferer for years off and on. This weekend has helped me realize the profound impact of our life experiences & trauma and the result of this in the physical body.
Anonymous, Ottawa 2023


My first time hearing about Somatic Therapy and I was amazed on how much we are not aware of our body and stuck energy that is stored in our body. Taking this course really taught me to embody the practice I’ve learned in this workshop. I am thankful for Nicole and Carrie.
Kat S. Personal Trainer, Ajax, Ontario, Oct 2023


This workshop came up during a time in my life where I have nerver felt so lost, confused, and then to top it off in pain. I cannot be more thankful for this experience - truly believe it has changed me while helping me release some or a little of my Santa Sack (of stuck energy and old belief systems). Excited to learn more and share with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Anonymous, Ottawa 2023


I came to the training in hopes to learn more about managing my own personal pain. I have come away with life changing information in order to support my own healing journey as well as share this knowledge with my students. Thank you.
Tracy, Ottawa 2023


As a Yoga Teacher with chronic pain and students that diligently want to share their chronic pain experiences with me, this course has been very insightful and hope that I can incorporate it in my own practices as well as my teaching. Carrie & Nicole were excellent facilitators who share a wonderful authentic energy - this made the experience super enjoyable as well as knowledgeable.
Anonymous, Ottawa Ontario

In this incredible workshop you will learn:

  • What SomaYoga is and why it is so powerful?

  • The missing piece in how the brain controls movement and learning.

  • Understand how the brain habituates stress, trauma and repetitive movement patterns in the body and how this shows up in 3 main Reflex Patterns.

  • The link between habituated movement, functional wear and tear, and pain.

  • The basics of the neuroscience of Somatics.

  • SomaYoga Concepts and Terms: Sensory Motor Amnesia and Pandiculation.

  • The relationship between mobility, strength and stability to support your favourite activities.

  • Somatic Movements that address each Reflex (Red, Green, and Trauma Reflex). 

  • The importance of functional stability and how to safely add load.

  • Elements of a SomaYoga Class: Theme, Breathing Practices, Somatic Movements, Grounding, Stabilizing, and Mantra

  • How to Sequence a SomaYoga Class.

  • Leave confident to market and teach a somayoga class that your students and clients will rave about!

Using SomaYoga Foundations you can enhance or reinvent your movement, yoga/therapeutic practice to support your clients to:

  • Bring greater awareness to their body and muscles as they go through their practice or session, re-educating muscles and movement patterns to support deeper and more long-term healing.

  • Nourish the nervous system by truly relaxing into their rest and digest mode for the most benefit during your sessions.

  • Learn about how stress, trauma and habituated movement patterns create pain in the body.

  • Retrain healthy movement patterns so they move more functionally and pain free.

  • Finally kick that persistent pain for good and move into more freedom, movement and fun.


This intensive training is perfect for:

  • Yoga and movement instructors wanting continuing education and to broaden their teaching skills.

  • Curious individuals who want to deepen their body awareness get out of pain, and experience more ease, peace and joy in their lives.

  • Bodyworkers & healers such as PTs, OTs, Chiropractors & Massage Therapists to add a Somatic foundation to their professional skill set.

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Training Details:

Friday, Oct 18, 2024  5-9 pm
Saturday, Oct 19, 2024 1-9 pm
Sunday Oct 20, 2024  9-5


Location of training:
MountainGoat Yoga


Investment: $655.40 ($580 + HST)


No refunds or transfers after September 29th 3:00 pm EST.
Add a $30 admin fee for refunds & transfers.


Payment: Etransfer to


Pay online by clicking the yellow "Register Now" button above (in the orange banner). You will be transferred to  the Mountain Goat Yoga booking page. Then click the "Book a Class" button on the top right corner. You will be directed to create an account, book into the workshop and then complete the transaction.

All registrations will be administered by

MountainGoat Yoga

(613) 823-3949

3350 Fallowfield Rd, Unit 5

Nepean, Ontario  K2J 5L1

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