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We spend so much of our time focusing outwardly expecting the solution to our healing to be outside of ourselves. When in fact the key to healing is to focus inward. We are here to tell you that you guru of your own body and that you can control your own healing. The doorway inward starts with sensing and feeling.

On our Resolve Pain Guru YouTube channel you will find amazing videos that you can practice at home to help you reduce or resolve your pain. We hope that you have taken advantage of our generosity and used these videos to begin to become empowered to control your own healing.

Tips and Tricks to working with our Videos

We thought is was time to give you a few pointers on how you can take the results you experience from practicing the videos from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s so simple, it’s all about sensing and feeling.

How you practice what we teach in the Method is as important as getting to the practice in the first place. In this blog post we share a few tips and tricks to take your practice to a tangible level even on the first go around. You could follow along with our videos in a rushed fashion, or be distracted and even then you would still see some benefit. But the real magic happens when you Interocept, when you get quiet and focus inward sensing and feeling.

The real magic happens when you shift into a true somatic movement experience.

If you are following along with our Arch and Flatten video and moving your pelvis forward to create an arch in your back, pay attention to the sensations that arise when you arch your back. What are you sensing and feeling?

That is what you want to pay attention to.

You must be fully present to sensing and feeling your body moving into and out of the contraction. Practice constantly attuning to the sensations in the muscles, as they contracting and sensing and feeling those muscles as they slowly lengthen and release. How does the sensation change from the contraction through the lengthening process, to the full release. What does it feel like to rest the muscles completely.

Pay close attention when you contract, how much awareness do you have of those muscles?

Do you have control over them?

Pay close attention to when you release, is the release smooth or jerky?

Are there shakes, stutters or speed bumps?

This is indicative of Sensory Motor Amnesia. Simply put, the brain is unable to connect with the muscle you are trying to control, the brain is unable to fully control the contraction or the release to complete rest. It is almost as though the brain has forgotten that that muscle exists.

The skill of learning how to sense and feel to regain this control could be likened to meditation, developing a single one-pointed focus to draw your mind’s attention inward. The act of putting your full attention to your muscles and movement patterns allows your brain to reconnect and restore the control and function has been forgotten or lost.

This movement re-education or moving meditation so powerful and transformative that it can completely soothe your overactive nervous system when done properly.

With regular practice, if you release slow enough and with enough attention, the movement will get smoother. You will develop more control and experience a releasing of the tension and holding in not only your muscles but in your entire soma. You will marvel at the sense of ease and balance settles into your mind, body and spirit.

Check out our videos on our YouTube Channel, or better yet, sign up for our Method 101 Online Course and change your pain!


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