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Did you know that the way we think can affect how our body feels?

We create stress in our lives when we get attached to our beliefs, likes, and dislikes, and set expectations. This is what holds us back and keeps us trapped in repetitive, habitual behaviors.

Do you always need to be liked? Do you get defensive when criticized? Do you judge others? Do you eat to soothe yourself?

Do you set expectations for yourself or others?

Every one of these behaviors is created by your past collection of memories and experiences. Instead of being present to what is right in front of you, you keep repeating the past by recycling old data. Your repetitive thoughts trap you into cycles of anxiety and stress creating suffering. What if you could let go of some of your expectations and beliefs? What if you could simply accept things as they are without adding any judgement or expectation to the moment. By being present and open you can find joy in the moments of your life.

The solution or way to create permanent change is developing your awareness of how you behave in your world and with this awareness change begins to happen. Start to observe your reactions, habits, language and then explore what you sense and feel in your body in relation to that behavior. Get curious about it. What do you feel in your body when you feel angry or stressed? Don’t judge or set expectations, be objective observing what is. Awareness creates change.

Observe your internal dialogue.

How do you talk to yourself?

Do you use kind, supportive, uplifting words or are you cruel to yourself?

Would you speak that way to your co-worker, hairdresser or doctor?

Do you speak to your family that way?

When you feel yourself reacting out of habit, take a moment to pause. Don't think or speak. Just take focus on your breathing for 3 to 5 slow breaths. Then ask yourself: am I acting from Love or Fear?

Then step into your courage and do something different.

Every moment of everyday of your life you have two choices; to live from a place of love or to live from a place of fear.  Love is just pure unconditional Love that uplifts and supports the highest good for you and everyone around you.  Being present and loving creates expansion into joy, harmony and peace. Fear encompasses all of your human responses based in fear such as greed, anger, jealousy and everything that is not Love. Reactions and responses based in fear create conflict, stress and contraction of you and everyone around you. Start to pay attention to what motivates your behavior. Is it Love or is it fear?

Life is a journey, a practise. So nothing needs to be perfect. We are all life-long students. Practise being the observer, stay present to your thoughts, words and actions. Are your thoughts, words and deeds loving and kind? Try instead to keep Love in your heart and in your thoughts, words and actions.

Non-violence is at the root of all Eastern Philosophies. These philosophies teach us to practise being kind to ourselves. The better we get at being kind to ourselves the more harmonious all of our relationships become. Not just with ourselves and our bodies but with others as well.

Our true nature is that of peace and joy, we are Love. Pure and perfect.

We have covered over that perfection with layers and layers of behavior patterns, beliefs, likes and dislikes. As we peel back the layers, like we peel back the layers of an onion, we get closer and closer to our true selves. Our light begins to shine brighter as we get closer to our true potential, to our true nature.

Pain and tension dulls our light and inhibits the flow of energy in the body, mind and spirit. Everything you do takes more effort mentally, emotionally and physically. Pain is an indicator that you are living from a place of fear.

As we learn to be kind to ourselves and to Love ourselves we learn what ease and flow feels like. Ease of breath, and movement. Ease in the body translates into ease in one’s life.

Here is an exercise you can begin to practise right away:

Do something kind for your future self.  For example, do some meal prep before bed or early in the morning so that when you arrive home at the end of the day tired and hungry, healthy food is waiting for you. Or, make your bed and tidy your room every morning so that your room and your bed feel light, uncluttered and spacious.  Welcoming you when you are feeling tired at the end of your day.

Be kind and thoughtful to your future self. It only takes a few minutes but it would mean so much to you when you are benefiting from that kindness.

Remember that the way we think affects how we feel. As you learn to love yourself others will feel your love. Joy, peace and ease will begin to permeate your energy and your life.

Stay tuned for more interesting shares on our approach to create balance and flow so that you can thrive in your life.

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