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Updated: Sep 7, 2020


Logic says says that if we keep doing the same thing we will get the same result. Yet we may keep doing the same th

ing and expect that things will change. Sometimes that is simply because you are not ready to change and that is perfectly alright you have the free will to choose what you want to create.

But sometimes it is because you don’t have the knowledge or the tools to change and you need help. Our clients take their practice from ineffectual to transformational because they choose to commit, do the work and are open to our support and coaching.

Break the Habitual Feedback Loop that Keeps you in Pain

The only way to break out of the habitual feedback loop that keeps you in tension and pain is to take the first steps of building the skills of Interoception and Nourishing Your Nervous System.

Below is a case study about a client that took her practice from ineffectual to transformational and changed her pain:

The skill of Interoception is a real game changer when it comes to shifting pain patterns in our bodies. I witnessed a client moving through the exercises I was recommending with eyes wide open and very alert. Even when she closed their eyes it was evident that they were still on high alert. It quickly became apparent that the client was not going to experience any real change working this way, so I stopped what she was doing literally midway through an exercise and switched gears.

We paused to discuss the important role the mind plays in getting us out of pain, the importance of “the how” of this Method and the work, stressing the importance of connecting mind and body. I helped her to realize that she is building the skill of working with the brain, and that the brain has to actively participate in every aspect of the movement in order to create real and lasting change.

As we returned back into the practice session with full presence and awareness, sensing and feeling, the client was able to drastically change her experience – from ordinary to extraordinary! She began to experience her body in a different and new way, feeling significant shifts in her pain patterns, and nervous system.

This example is what we refer to as Re-igniting Somatic Neuromuscular Communication. Since our muscles and movement patterns are under the control of the brain, we quickly see that devoted attention of our brains to how and what we are doing, quickly replaces old and unsupportive patterns with new ones. It is the key to taking your practice from ineffectual to transformational.

The practices we have shared with you on our Youtube Channel are designed to help you take the first steps to change your habitual feedback patterns from dysfunctional to functional.

Building the Skills of Interoception and Nourishing Your Nervous System

First steps of moving out of pain are building the skills of Interoception and Nourishing Your Nervous System. The practises we teach, are designed to help you develop these skills.

Arch and flatten allows you to release the tension that has been perpetuating your pain and is a foundational movement practice for all our clients. It is a revolutionary practice, a somatic re-education practice. It teaches you how to regain control over your trunk muscles, at your center, the ones that have not been communicating with the brain for a very long time.

Have you visited our YouTube Channel?

We invite you to spend some time on our YouTube Channel and start exploring. Start by watching, listening and following along with the Arch and Flatten Exercise. Instructions on how to do this practice can be found in the notes below the video.

Explore this daily for 10 minutes. Pay attention to what you are feeling. How well you are moving? What feels tight or limited? Experiment with moving slowly and in smaller ranges. At the end of your exploration, pause to notice.

What you are feeling in your body? Is your mind quieter? Do you feel more relaxed?

As you practice this daily, how does the quality, ease and range of your movement change?

Our vision is to help individuals all over the world to reduce or resolve their pain so they can get back to feeling the joy of participating in a vibrant life. We have designed a 6- Week Change Your Pain Kickstart Program that will teach you valuable tools to heal your mind and body from pain. Each week you will work through a chapter of The Method online course that will help you to transform and then spend an hour receiving online coaching.

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