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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The skill of Interoception is a real game changer when it comes to shifting pain patterns in our bodies.

I witnessed a client moving through the exercises I was recommending with eyes wide open and very alert. Even when they closed their eyes it was evident that they were still on high alert. It quickly became apparent that the client was not going to experience any real change working this way, so I stopped what they were doing literally midway through an exercise and switched gears.

We paused to discuss the important role the mind plays in getting us out of pain, the importance of “the how” of this Method and the work, stressing the importance of connecting mind and body. I helped them to realize that they were building the skill of working with the brain, and that the brain has to actively participate in every aspect of the movement in order to create real and lasting change.

As the client returned to the practice session with full presence and awareness, sensing and feeling their body, they were able to drastically change their experience – from ordinary to extraordinary!

They began to experience their body in a different and new way, feeling significant shifts in pain patterns, and their nervous system.

This example is what we refer to as Re-igniting Somatic Neuromuscular Communication. Since our muscles and movement patterns are under the control of the brain, we quickly see that devoted attention of our brains to how and what we are doing, quickly replaces old and unsupportive patterns with new ones.

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