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Learning how to take control of your mind, is the single best way to maintain your balance during these uncertain times. Let us explain using a great mind map model that we share with our clients in private sessions.

There are 4 functions of the mind, the Lower Sensory Mind, Storehouse, Ego and True Self. Your ego mind is designed to keep you safe and out of harm’s ways. It allows you to express yourself as an individual and to reach for your goals in life. It generally works in your favour, but there is a downside as well.

Ego Mind

In stressful times like these, your ego mind can lead you into behaviours that initially allow you to disconnect from an overloading of sensory information – such as too many news reports, social media or fear mongering by others.

For example your ego mind might choose to have you sit and watch Netflix and eat ice cream every night for a week. Or maybe you have found yourself sleeping too much, binge eating, or even over-exercising in an attempt to distract yourself from current events, boredom and fear.

At first watching Netflix feels ok. At first sleeping in, or exercising too much or too little feels ok. Our ego mind leads us to believe that these are appropriate ways of coping.

Now most of us have been in social isolation for about a month or more. How much Netflix have you watched? Are you feeling stagnant from too little activity, or in pain from too much activity?

Have you noticed a diminishing rate of return in the joy that your choices bring?

We would argue the answer to this question is “yes”.

Too much of anything steals away our energy and drive. It dulls our mind, our deeper connection with self, stifles our vital energy.

So what alternatives are there?

Finding the “just right” balance

Try instead to practice finding the”just right” balance, connecting with and listening to your intuition and deep knowingness of what is right for you.

Instead of choosing too much or too little of any one thing,  practice finding the “just right” balance. Each day start by connecting to, and with sensations in your body.

If your body could speak what would it ask for? 

Your body is constantly giving you clues about what it needs to be vibrant and healthy. When we eat, there is a moment when what we eat is wonderful and vital to our body’s needs and then the scale tips over from just right to too much. Can you practice sensing and feeling this in your own body?

Gift of Time and Space

This time in history is gifting us the opportunity of time and space – to practice finding the” just right balance”. This time offers us the opportunity to appropriately choose how we spend our days and what we do in terms of movement, sleep, diet, education, art, play, and connection with ourselves and others.

When we practice finding the “just right” balance we connect with our highest self. This is the single best way to maintain your balance during these uncertain times. When we practice connecting deeply with ourselves, we are more calm, grounded, centered, compassionate and loving. And this is what the world needs from each of us right now!

We welcome you to join us for our online SomaYoga Classes that are specifically designed to help you connect, get quiet, listen and reconnect with the” just right” balance for your mind, body and spirit. Become a member of our Video on Demand Channel where you can take classes and keep learning.

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