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Rebuilding trust with our somas is the key to healing. Whether we never thought to look inside ourselves or learned that we had to rely on others to “fix” us, we are here to remind you of the power of the human body to rebalance and heal.

If soma is a new term for you, think of yourself and your healing process as not only bones, muscles and tissues, but also as a unique person, with likes, dislikes, beliefs and tendencies.

Building and maintaining trust, offering loving compassion, kind words and thoughts goes hand in hand with the healing process, and does understanding how your own uniqueness contributes to what shows up in your soma.

Things happen, we get injured, our bodies tolerate high levels of stress and mis-care for years at times. Then one day, things accumulate to a level that our somas just cannot handle anymore. So our somas cry out louder, or so loud that the message cannot be ignored.

This is when tension and pain are the most acute.

We lose trust in our bodies when they fail us, this is true. What we need to recognize is that there were subtle messages being sent, before the bigger, more obvious ones. We may have just been ignoring them.

What makes us somas is our ability to self correct, self regulate and self discern.

Rebuilding Trust

When we feel down and out, this is when we must start to rebuild trust and to heed the messages the body is constantly sending us. Arguably, working with our mind, our belief systems and thoughts is as important as the physical movement practices we explore. We are reestablishing a conversation with our somas.

The only way to listen, is to learn to get quiet, to turn your attention inward, to connect your brain’s conscious awareness to how emotions, thoughts, habits and tendencies show up in your body and breath and how this leads to tension and pain.

Once we begin to notice some patterns and relationships, then we have the power to change those relationships.

When we work with clients we work with mind maps and models and have beautiful discussions to help understand how the functions of the mind affect what is showing up in the soma. This is foundational to building trust without somas.

Getting out of pain requires us to work with the Body, Mind and Spirit. These things are not separate from each other. When you shift one you shift the others.

Check out the learning resources link on our website for some great free resources to get you started.

Start today by sitting quietly and breathing for 5 minutes. Feel into your body and connect with it. Repeat this mantra “Soma: I love, respect and hear you. I care. Let’s heal together.”

Learn more about building trust and about the Method we teach from our Method 101 Fundamentals Online Course.

Become a member of our Video on Demand Channel where you can take classes and continue to learn how to shift your body and mind out of pain/tension.

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