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We take a different approach in how we help clients alleviate conditions and symptoms that are showing up, causing distress and pain. Read this great story about how Nicole’s client alleviates frozen shoulder symptoms with our Method. Here is the story.

I had a client come in recently who had experienced a sleepless night of crying from terrible pain that spread across her upper back and shoulders, down her arms and into one thumb. The situation had been building in her body for quite some months.

By the time I saw her she could not lift her arm past 90 degrees and was well on her way to being diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Her daughter attended the appointment with her to translate for her Mother who did not speak English.

Sensory Motor Amnesia

Upon assessment, it was obvious that her entire upper body was in lock down and her low back was over arched into what is referred to in the Somatic Neuromuscular world as a Green Light Reflex, where the back muscles are over contracted. Her muscles were suffering from Sensory Motor Amnesia – they were in a state of chronic contraction without ever letting go. And her brain had forgotten those muscles exist. In other words, there was an interruption in the Sensory Motor Loop that was preventing signals from the brain to reach the muscles.

You are probably thinking that I got right to work on her shoulders, but from a Pain Resolution perspective, that is not the solution. The formula is to look at what is not working properly that is forcing other muscles to overwork.

The Approach

We started with re-educating her over-contracted trunk muscles and hip flexors. By releasing this tension her body began to stabilize itself in a functional way and she could begin to feel more ease and comfort in her body. At the end of the session she reported that she felt a lot better, had significantly less pain and she could easily lift her arm all the way up alongside her ear. She was so happy and relieved.

Being in intense prolonged pain is frightening and exhausting. She did not know how to help herself get out of pain. This is a common theme in our practise as Pain Resolution Therapists. The fact is you can help yourself to alleviate frozen shoulder or other symptoms and heal from persistent/recurring pain.

Our six-step process called The Method is designed to teach you how you can begin to change your pain. Visit our Video on Demand Channel so you can get started right away with classes and learning.

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