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We are running a 4-week pain relief series right now with an amazing group of people. A key theme in the reintroduction of functional movement and release of tension and pain in the body is to start exploring micro-movement. This is particularly critical if you have been stuck in a holding pattern for years or have had an accident or traumas where your nervous system is essentially “on guard” and sensitive to higher load and bigger movements.

So what is micro-movement?

It is slow deliberate movement where we turn all our brain’s attention to sensing and feeling. This slow, small movement allows us to perceive nuances and tension that would be completely missed in a large, fast, higher load movement. This deliberate slow, small movement, allows us to notice where we do not have control over our muscles, where we cannot feel our muscles and where the lengthening of muscles is interrupted by jerky, shaky or unsteady movement.

All of these ways that we are not moving well and not in control are ways that our nervous system is held in deep and chronic contractions called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA). SMA binds our nervous systems affecting our breath, sleep, body's ability to recharge and dictates whether or not we are truly functional in our movement.

So if you are suffering from persistent pain, start by getting quiet and start exploring small micromovement re-education. Allow lots of space for pausing and resetting. Stay curious and see what unfolds and what patterns you become aware of.

If you are a member of our Video On Demand Channel check out our Zen Movement and Movement Mindfulness Practice which explored micro-movement in the pelvis. If you are new to us, then check out our Events Page.

Thanks for reading.

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