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Somatic Education Significantly Lowers Low Back and Neck Pain

Are you the kind of person that needs proof that something works, before trying it?

The world of Somatics including Clinical Somatic Educators, SomaYoga Therapists (like Nicole and I) and our allied health colleagues who teach somatic mind-body movement re-education can join in support of the findings of a September 2022 research paper that clearly demonstrates that the application of Somatic Education results in marked reductions in low back and neck pain, among other significant results.

The Journal Article, titled Effect of Hanna Somatic Education on Low Back and Neck Pain Levels, published by authors Huang Qiuju and Babgi Amani, evaluated the clinical effect of HSE (Hanna Somatic Education) on low back and neck pain and determined differences in pain, use of pain medication, and number of doctor visits before and after 6 months of HSE sessions.

The study taught patients how to regain awareness of sensation and cortical control of muscles and movements impeded by Sensory Motor Amnesia. Sensory Motor Amnesia is where the brain has a voluntary loss of control over muscles, and is a major cause of chronic muscle pain. In the study patients were taught sensory and motor training using a technique called Pandiculation.

The results show that after an average of only 2.8 clinical sessions of HSE, the patients reported a significant reduction in chronic spinal pain. In the 6 months before and after the experiment using Hanna Somatic Education, the number of patients using pain medication decreased from 53.5% to 13.6%, and the mean number of doctor visits reduced significantly from 2 to 0.5.

At Resolve Pain Guru, Hanna Somatic education or, Somatic Neuromuscular Reeducation, is a fundamental Pillar of the Method we teach our students to get out of pain, come back home to themselves and experience more ease, peace and joy in life!

We combine Thomas Hanna’s Clinical Somatic Education with nervous system support and regulation, yoga therapy, and breathing practices to grow your understanding of just how your brain and muscles work, how your nervous system works and your understanding of the interconnectedness of your mind, spirit and body and how that relates to pain and healing.

We are pleased to have this report available, as evidenced based research to support why we know the world needs to learn the technique of pandiculation and somatic methodologies to regain the brain’s control over muscles and movement patterns that are stuck in contraction, impeding movement function, breathing and causing discomfort and pain.

If you suffer from chronic or persistent pain, unexplained pain or just want to learn ways to make yourself feel better, then Learn with Us!

Thanks for reading!

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