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On Being Truth

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Those of you who are new to our blog and site(s) should know that we are truth seekers, warriors of this work on deep and intersecting levels.

We try, test and practice the work that we share with you. Our M-O (Modus Operandum), is to continually work on healing our traumas, injuries, physical, mental and emotional burdens so that we can live our best lives and share this experience and passion to help others.

Nicole and I are never "not in the process" of self discovery. This body of work is truly our life's passion and working through the barriers and restrictions in our own bodies, relationships and lives, allows is to better support you to rediscover the deepest truth of who you are and to find the strength and practice to show up as that in the world.

THIS has been the impetus for co-creating

our new course which is now OPEN FOR REGISTRATION and starts September 1, 2022!

We want to go deep with you and support you to reach your goals.

This means leaning in... moment to moment into deeper awareness of "who" and "what"

you reconnect with your deepest potential and gifts, to process traumas and emotions and to use the hardships, pain and tensions of life as fuel for transformation!

Those of you who have studied with us for a while, either in course, or in person were introduced to this body of work from the doorway of the physical. You have learned somatic movements and methodology from a neuromuscular lens.

It is easiest to work from the Annamaya kosha (physical body and the outer layer of our being) because we are most familiar and comfortable with it. Yet, many of you have noticed that so much more is happening in your sessions and with this work. And the more time you spend with us, the deeper we go into the other koshas - the breath body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body. Healing has to address all of these.

We believe that the most important work we can all do right now is to practice living consciously, and somatically embodied in our wholeness.

The Pain Body

Each one of us comes into this work from a different place...often it is because of pain that lingers here, a sadness injury or pattern that you know no longer works that you are ready to change. Or perhaps it is from a deeper longing to intimately understand the mind-body-spirit connection and to glimpse beyond the distractions of everyday life.

Collectively as humans, we deal with a lot of sh*t. It is the pain body that gets us to pay attention, and acts as an alarm signal to tell us that we are not safe, or to get us to slow down and SENSE AND FEEL.

It is the pain body that invites us to transition from...DOING ALL OF THE TIME into BEING plain and simple.

The gifts, the insights, the self-discovery is in each moment. The more we are able to practice conscious being the more ease, peace and joy we have in our lives.

Evolution of Resolve Pain Guru

The evolution of what we teach is taking shape in this magnificent course, in the building of our online community, in sitting with and contemplating the deeper questions, alongside you, in support of conscious somatic embodiment. We believe that as we practice being more truthful, others can too. Thank you for being here, and for your trust. We hope that you will stick with us and take the next step with us, become a Founding Member in our Mind-Body Blueprint Program.

If you want to learn more about it, spend some time on our website and then book a call with us so we can share what we have in store.

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