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Are you tired of band-aiding your pain?


Have you tried the quick fix but your symptoms continue?


Are you tired, stressed and ready to give your nervous system and body a new approach to healing?


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And are you ready to learn about how your body works so that you can see lasting change?

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Pain Relief Program Results Impossible to Believe

Since having my son in 2018, I’ve experienced chronic back and pelvis pain. Even before this I’ve battled with chronic stress and insomnia. Nothing I did seemed to help with any of my issues. Manual therapies just kept things from getting worse. Walking, strength training, yoga, Pilates, eliminating anti inflammatory foods, and supplements didn’t work. I was desperate to feel better and being pregnant again with even more pain, I started taking very strong medication, hoping it would ease my pain by reducing inflammation


BUT OMG since starting the pain series program 4 weeks ago, my pain has reduced significantly and shifted dramatically! I no longer have this tight, tense, bone on bone, ceasing pain along my lower lumbar spine, SI joints and pelvis. It’s just incredible.


For the first time in almost 3 years I can pick up my kids and play without feeling debilitating pain—pain to the point that I needed to sit down and immediately apply a hot water bottle on my back and take ibuprofen. I also feel more energized and have tools to help cope with my emotional pain and stress, and insomnia—which all impacts physical pain. I’m beyond grateful that I heard about Carrie and Nicole’s pain relief program. What you learn from the pain relief series are life long tools; if you keep up with this practice you will keep your mind and body healthy. I have a newborn and toddler and make sure to fit in 20-30 mins a day and the results have been almost impossible to believe. It’s worth it!


A.L., Whitehorse, YT Canada
April 2021

Our clients see success when they follow this approach:

Step #1. Enroll in our Signature 4-Week Pain Relief Series Program


We recommend that everyone starts here! Learn the methodology to change your pain.
Follow the program exactly as it is laid out with video practices and learning videos.
See above for client testimonials about this powerful program.

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Our Signature 4-Week Pain Relief Series Program - Investment $107

Step #2. Learn, Learn, Learn


Knowledge is power. 


Support your growth and learning by reading our blogs and our Learn Page. Take in as much as you can to support your learning of the Method. Gain an understanding of how your body works, how your mind and body are connected and why supporting your nervous system is critical to changing your tension and pain patterns.

Step #3. Become a Video On Demand Member


Now that you have an understanding of The Method we teach and how to explore the movements in your body, we know that you are ready to become a Video On Demand Member. The Channel takes the thinking out of your home practice. Having video access, anywhere, anytime allows you to dive deep in the practices offering a multitude of benefits to you.

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The Channel includes 100+ videos in three main categories:

1) essential nervous system support practices such as body scans, guided meditations and practices, 2) Somayoga practices skillfully leading you through neuromuscular re-education to restore functional length to your muscles and 3) Stabilizing practices to challenge you and build strength and stability.

We want to see you progress, and feel amazing in your bodies. That is why we have added a tonne of value with our subscription pricing.

You have two great options to choose from:


Option 1: Monthly Subscription

Option 2: Annual Subscription (BEST VALUE)
( + BONUS: Attend ALL Pop-up Classes + 2-Hour or less workshops for FREE)



Learn about your body's innate reflex patterns and how they contribute to your pain and interfere with performance in sports, work and life.