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Incontinence or Prolapse After Child Birth?

Are you suffering from urinary incontinence, pelvic floor pain, prolapse or general discomfort in your pelvic floor?

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I just received an email from a client, asking for support for a friend, a new mom experiencing pelvic floor prolapse who is having trouble doing a pelvic floor contraction.

Guess what ladies, you do not have to suffer with the symptoms listed above, there is lots you can do to restore good pelvic floor function.

When you feel disconnected from your pelvic floor or a lack of control, the Somatic world calls this Sensory Motor Amnesia. It is where, as a result of the trauma of labour and delivery, your brain is no longer able to control the contraction and release of the muscles of your pelvic floor in relationship to your other trunk muscles. Doing pelvic floor exercises and contracting your pelvic floor muscles in isolation, particularly if the muscles are stuck and not communicating with your brain, won’t completely solve the problem and only addresses a piece of the puzzle.

We encourage you to stop thinking about your pelvic floor in isolation! The pelvic floor muscles function in relationship to your rectus abdominus, obliques and diaphragm above AND your adductors all the way to your feet below.

Think about your pelvic floor as part of a large system of muscles that flex the trunk and provide stability through the center of the body. Your pelvic floor should mirror the movement of your diaphragm when you breathe, doming down and up, down with your inhalation and up with your exhalation. The movement is subtle, and important to core stability.

No one wants to deal with leakage and pain down there. We encourage you to learn the somatic technique of pandiculation to get the right muscles firing, to restore movement and ease in the system and improve your core stability, so that you can enjoy a leak free, pain free life again.

Try Week 1 of our Pelvic Floor Health Series for FREE and if you like it, jump on board to learning with us on our Video OnDemand Channel.

Stop thinking about your rehabilitation in parts! Address yourself as a whole and find more ease, peace and joy in your life!

Want to learn more? Read more about how you can work to restore optimal Pelvic Floor function in this blog post: Pandiculating the Pelvic Floor - What Now?

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