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Functional movement training and theory tells us that your chance of being in pain decreases when you are able to move well through all three planes.

Understanding Planes of Movement

Did you know that your body moves in three planes called Sagittal Plane (bending forward and backward), Frontal Plane (side bending) and Transverse Plane (all the parts that can turn in their sockets like your leg and arm bone, and dancing to “the twist” by rotating your ribs or pelvis). The hope is that you can move well in all three planes. But can you?

Let’s test it out?

Stand in one spot keeping the knees straight.

  1. Start to bend forward and back as far as you can safely and comfortably. How far and how well can you move without tension or pain?

  2. Now bend from side to side as far as you can safely and comfortably. How far and how well can you move without tension or pain?

  3. Now try turning your head to check your blind spot, moving your arms around in big circles, dance the twist then try sitting cross legged. How far can you move without tension or pain? What prevents you from moving well?

Limitations of Movement

If you have limitations to moving in any of these planes it is because your muscles are not contracting and releasing well. More than likely or in most cases several of these muscles are stuck in contraction. In Somatic Methodology, it is understood that the muscles are in Sensory Motor Amnesia – the brain has lost control over the ability to contract and release these muscles. Sensory Motor Amnesia explains the tug and pull, and restriction you feel when you attempt to move a certain way. The solution is to retrain your brain and change your pain.

The solution is to Retrain Your Brain + Change Your Pain

In order to change what you are feeling and to decrease your chances of being in pain, you must retrain your brain to connect to your tight muscles so they can begin to let go.

As your muscles start to move and perform better you will notice your range of motion increasing and your discomfort decreasing.

Somatic Neuromuscular Re-education builds somatic awareness across your entire body and helps you improve your movement in all three planes. The messages going to your muscles will become more efficient and movement will feel easier.

If you have been experiencing tension and pain for more than 6 months then Think about retraining your brain to change your pain.

Want to learn more?

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