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Have you ever had the experience of working through a problem or challenge in your life and received good advice from someone to make a particular change in a behaviour or habit?

And can you recall “sort of” hearing the advice, but it kind of hit an invisible wall, where you could not fully take it in or act on it?

You might say that a deeper part of you resonated with the advice, knowing that it was the truth and would help yet another part of you resisted?

In Yogic Philosophy the Sanskrit word that describes this is “Avidya” an ignorance to the truth, a forgetting of the way.

While some aspect of ourselves knows the advice spoken will help, we consciously choose to stay right where we are. We identify with our current situation and continue to make the same choices that inevitably keep us stuck in our current situation.

We believe wholeheartedly that choosing to stay right where we are, while it causes suffering, is at times the best we can do. Because sometimes the effort that is required to step out of suffering is more than we can muster. Sometimes we stay right where we are because we do not know what the other options are. Sometimes we stay right where we are because we are strongly attached to things that we do and letting go feels scary.

Many of us struggle, and have a hard time making a commitment to change or to let go of the familiar and comfortable practices that we are used to.

Timing is everything and committing to change has to happen at the right time for each one of us.

Change takes work, commitment and energy and it takes a letting go of old ideas and paradigms.

The approach that we teach is very much like this. We offer our clients a new perspective. Many are tired of circling the drain with their challenges of pain and discomfort in their bodies. While they know nothing about this work: interoception, somatics, pandiculation, mindfulness and the first person approach to healing, they have a sincere readiness for change and trust themselves in the process.

These clients soak it all in, committing 100% to a new way of being. These are the clients that see miraculous results.

One of our teachers often asked, is what you are doing working? Then she would say, if the answer is no, then what do you have to lose in trying something new?

While we hate to see anyone suffer, we trust wholeheartedly that when the timing is right and folks are ready, they will make the changes necessary to help themselves. We will be here ready to support, educate and facilitate transformation.

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