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Are you Frustrated? Let Us Help

This year is all about you! We know that you have joined us because you need help to resolve pain or tension in your body or mind. And since our bodies do not come with an owners manual we take pride in our role as educators about how the body and mind are connected, and how these relate to pain. We have spent years studying the best approaches and techniques, and thousands of clinical hours applying what we know works with our clients.

So it is understandable that it can be frustrating that you have tried other common approaches and they haven't worked. We are glad that you haven't given up and that you are here. Our job is to explain why traditional approaches do not always work for everyone and to show you a proven Method that does.

When it comes to addressing the pain body, the most success we see comes from a wholistic approach that takes into account all of the aspects of your being - these aspects in the Yoga Therapy model are known as Koshas.

The Koshas include: Physical, Energy (breath), Mental/Emotional, Higher Intelligence, and Spiritual. These layers of your being are intricately connected and inter-dependent. Each is tied to and influences the functioning of the other, taking you closer to or farther away from optimal health and connection with your true self.

When there is pain, we invite you to become curious about which kosha(s) is affected and what tool, technique or practice will support that layer towards better balance?

For example, we can explore a practice to lengthen and ease the breath, and right away notice how that practice quieted the mind, eased tension in the muscles and shifted your emotions. This can happen in as quickly as 5 minutes.

When new clients come to work with us, we often start with the physical or energetic koshas - essentially the muscles and breath. This is because we want to foster palpable change as quickly as possible. As the relationship builds and learning is enhanced, we weave in teachings on the other kosha layers.

We Need Your Help

We want to see the best results for you our clients, and future clients. That is why we reaching out to ASK FOR YOUR HELP! We are currently doing some research to support the development of a brand new program, and we really want to hear to you!!!!

What do you struggle with in your body and mind?

What pain or tension are you looking to resolve? Your feedback will help us put together an incredible life-changing program. It would mean the world to us if we could arrange a phone call or Zoom chat and ask you a few questions. OR if you know of someone who fits this description, please use the 'Forward to a Friend" link below. ⬇️ We’d love to hear about our pain points. Simply click on the calendar link below.

Thanks for reading!

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