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Learn With Us. Following these 3 steps...

Step #1. Enroll in our Signature 4-Week Pain Relief Series Program


We recommend that everyone starts here! Learn the methodology to change your pain.
Follow the program exactly as it is laid out with video practices and learning videos.
Choose the option of support and investment that works for you. 

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Option 1: (Self Directed) 4-Week Pain Relief Series Program - Investment $67

Option 2: 4-Week Pain Relief Series Group Online Workshop - Investment $107


Meets every Sunday for 1 hour in a group online setting. *Learn and share together.*


Bonus: Get ongoing support from Carrie & Nicole through email and phone calls to ensure your success in this program. Check for the dates of the next program.

Step #2. Subscribe to Our Blog


Knowledge is power. Support your growth and learning by reading our blogs. Take in as much as you can to support your learning of the Method. Gain an understanding of how your body works, how your mind and body are connected and why supporting your nervous system is critical to changing your tension and pain patterns.

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Step #3. Become a Video On Demand Member


Now that you have an understanding of The Method we teach and how to explore the movements in your body, we know that you are ready to become a Video On Demand Member. The Channel takes the thinking out of your home practice. Having video access, anywhere, anytime allows you to dive deep in the practices offering a multitude of benefits to you.

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The Channel includes 100+ videos in three main categories:

1) essential nervous system support practices such as body scans, guided meditations and practices, 2) Somayoga practices skillfully leading you through neuromuscular re-education to restore functional length to your muscles and 3) Stabilizing practices to challenge you and build strength and stability.

We want to see you progress, and feel amazing in your bodies. That is why we have added a tonne of value with our subscription pricing.

You have two great options to choose from:


Option 1: Monthly Subscription
( + BONUS: Attend all Pop-Up Classes for FREE) 

Option 2: Annual Subscription - Save 25%
( + BONUS: Attend all Pop-up Classes + 2-Hour or less workshops for FREE)



Learn about your body's innate reflex patterns and how they contribute to your pain and interfere with performance in sports, work and life.