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Join FREE Plantar Fasciitis Summit Oct 26-29 2020

I am honoured to be one of 18 speakers to be part of the Virtual Planter Fasciitis Summit upcoming October 26-29 2020. Want to get unstuck from Plantar Fasciitis and learn from some great teachers, therapists and experts in this field? Its easy, CLAIM your FREE TICKET here.

Those of you that suffer from plantar fasciitis understand that it takes away from enjoyment of your favourite activities, and might even make those activities impossible to do.

Join this Summit and listen to my interview and 15+ others.

Learn more about how The Method we teach can help you address Plantar Fasciitis.

Here are a few tidbits of what I will share:

  • Learn how Plantar Fasciitis is symptomatic of chronic shortening of a bigger reflex pattern in the body, called Green Light Reflex.

  • Learn why you must look to your entire back line of muscles (extensor muscles) in order to affect change in the plantar and feet,

  • Learn how this condition might be perpetuated by your tendencies, habits and beliefs.

  • Learn how the brain is the control center over your muscles.

  • Learn how establishing a 15 min practice of somayoga movements each day will begin to improve your function and lessen your pain.

  • Get started become a member of our Video on Demand Channel for FREE and start moving and feeling better in your body.

Join this incredible summit and empower yourself for change!

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Owen Pratt
Owen Pratt

Apprreciate this blog post

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