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Become the "Guru" and Master of Your Health and Healing

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Reset your nervous system, build stress resiliency, release energy blocks & pain with somatics!

We teach individuals and professionals mind-body medicine that speaks that language of your nervous system. Learn how to heal somatically and make transformative changes in your life or the lives of those you serve. 

Book a FREE Call with us to discuss how we can support your mind-body healing.

If you suffer from nervous system overdrive, low back or other persistent body pain, unexplained pain, incontinence or pelvic floor pain, poor sleep, poor digestion and IBS, or anxiety/depression or disconnect from who you are then WE CAN HELP.


Learn why Sensory Motor Amnesia is the culprit and what you can do about it!


We will teach you how to resolve these problems and get back to doing more of what you love. 

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We have spent over 14 years helping clients resolve
mind-body pain using somayoga, somatics and
mind-body medicine. Now you can get access to the best practices and information in our life changing courses.

N.B. Retiree
Toronto, Canada 

I want to thank you again for the fantastic class last night. I feel like a new woman today with a lot more mobility in my neck.  Who knew that  this could be relieved from looking after the pelvic floor.  I certainly didn’t! 

R.M. Biologist
Yukon, Canada biggest transformation has been to expand my focus for well-being from my body to my mind. I can’t think of a better investment than my own body and mind! This is the only body/mind you have, so treat yourself with care and learn to understand yourself which will allow you to reach your full potential.


R.K. Professor
Yukon, Canada

This program has gifted me an awareness of self and a number of tools that I now use to re-set my vagus nerve, and reassure and reconnect my mind with my body. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about the wisdom of their body.

K.M. Manager, Yukon, Canada

What I learnt from you has really impacted my ability to do the activities I love. This summer I was able to do a week long sheep hunt, helped haul two caribou off mountain tops, and over all felt pretty good in my body.


My body was so asleep when we started. I still laugh to myself thinking about how my glutes just wouldn't do anything. I learnt a lot about connecting my mind to my muscles.


Long story short, thank you for getting me going again.

B.C. Retired Teacher
Ontario, Canada

(Since starting this course)…my breathing has improved, (I have) gained control over my muscles and PANDICULATION really works!


I did a lot of stretches before and that did not work…but pandiculation is AMAZING!

T. LE. Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Coach
Toronto, Canada 

I jumped at the opportunity to learn more when I heard Nicole and Carrie were offering this course.  

I used to live life on auto-pilot never really appreciating the world around me. I accepted my aches and pains as a sign of getting older. Although I practise yoga, I had lingering muscle issues. I highly recommend this course. It will change your view and approach on life! 

L.C. Yoga Teacher
Toronto, Canada

A most beneficial and relevant teaching. SomaYoga is the foundation necessary for physical and emotional healing.


I was able to deeply connect with myself, body, mind and spirit!

SomaYoga Intensive
Sept 2019


J. R. Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner
Ottawa, Canada

As a yoga teacher people constantly tell me about pain in their body, and their limitations in movement.


I came to the SomaYoga training to be able to help my students. I learned how to teach myself and others how to move well and that there is so much more to yoga than feeling sensation.


Pain runs deeper than the body, and we need to be open to freeing pain in our mind. We are made to move, and everyone would benefit from SomaYoga.

SomaYoga Intensive

Sept 2019

S.F. Yoga Teacher
Toronto, Canada

Great content and presentation. I could listen for days.


SomaYoga Intensive
Sept 2019


K.C. Yoga Student
Toronto, Canada

The course shows you tools that you can use to move through hesitations, resistances, tension and pain on a journey towards freedom.


SomaYoga Intensive
Sept 2019

L.C. Yoga Student
Toronto, Canada

I see the body in a whole new way, and learned tools to provide the optimal space for the body to heal itself. I loved it from beginning to end!


SomaYoga Intensive
Sept 2019

A.H. Yoga Teacher

I cannot thank you enough for the life changing workshop in Toronto (2018) and introducing me to “pandiculation”.


After years of movement-restricting back pain in my lumbar region it still feels unreal for most of the pain to have disappeared. My brain is still trying to come to terms with the fact that simple movements like getting up, walking, running, bending down etc are now pain free again following a decade of living with the pain.  Thank you so, so much!!!

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