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Bridging somatic neuromuscular re-education with yoga therapy, functional movement and mindfulness.


Inspiring, educational, transformative.


Non-Phamaceutical Pain Relief

Get quiet, come home to yourself and re-discover ease and well-being.


Eliminate Pain Drug-Free.

Videos On Demand

Get inspired, feel alive, regain function & strength. 


It takes just 15 min a day to reconnect with the innate wisdom of your body.

Learn The Method 

Build stress resiliency, change your pain, improve athletic performance and well-being.


Learn the powerful technique of pandiculation and find ease of movement.

Welcome to our tested Method to Pain Resolution

Groundbreaking Techniques

Highly trained and experienced teachers using the most effective techniques in the world.

Get Out of Pain Naturally

Learn Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Methods that work.

Learn The Method.

Take Back Control

Take Back Control Over Your Healing. Learn from the comfort of your Own Home.

Get Our Latest Free Offer!

10 Myths Debunked - Transform Pain Into Freedom & Joy!

Videos on Demand

Get 24/7 access to an ever growing library of videos, audios and courses to help you transform mind-body pain
into freedom and joy!
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